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SIG/AI - 2023-04-06


* Balaji B
* Mark Watson
* Ivan Novick
* Rajkumar Rajendran
* Neil Hanlon
* Sherif Nagy
* Gregory Kurtzer
* Arthur Tyde
* Forrest Burt
* Alexandre Barbieri


To showcase and deliver user-friendly, robust, scalable AI ecosystems.


* deliver end-to-end open-source enterprise OS with flexibility to setup as per user needs
* bring in popular FOSS AI frameworks/libraries as technical partners of RockyAI
* become top OS among AI user community and be part of AI applications being developed and deloyed
* rank top in AI ecosystem deployed across BM, Cloud, Containers


* Publish docs explaining installation and usage of popular AI frameworks, job schedulers, cluster managers, and AIOps
* Work with maintainers of popular frameworks to include in Rocky
* Publish cloud and container images in collaboration with partners for easy and scalable deployment
* Release RockyAI toolset for monitoring and maintenance of AI stack
* Hosting virtual conference demonstrating RockyAI


Time Tasks
April - June Publish RockyAI Docs and Find partners to work and collaborate with. Begin developing RockyAI Toolset
July - Aug Release RockyAI Toolset
Sep - Oct Publish prepackaged partner images
Nov - Dec Continue packaging and automating publishing of images
January 2024 Virtual user conference on RockyAI & other SIG's
Feb - March 2024 Expanding the RockyAI partnership with more applications

New business / Discussion

* Arthur - some packages we can control, some we cannot, or cannot ship them due to being nonfree, etc.
    * EPEL is a good option, want it to be simple
* Collaborating with NeuroFedora is a very good idea
    * -
* Want to be able to build and release packages
* Longer term, want to be able to add cloud images, etc

Packages to target initially

* python frameworks
* tensorflow
* pytorch
* apache spark